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Pebble dashing is a stucco (a plaster now made mostly from Portland cement and sand and lime; applied while soft to cover exterior walls or surfaces) method for external walls. The process of pebble dashing is a two man job as it will require one man to plaster the wall while the other throws the pebbles at the wall. The workman who is throwing the pebbles at the wall should throw the pebbles with enough force and also skill so that they become lodged in the plaster.

Over a period of time it is inevitable that the pebble dashing will begin to chip and it is advisable to remove the damaged pebble dash as otherwise bad weather can damage the underlying wall. Before you perform any pebble dash removal you will need to get a professional construction specialist to inspect the wall as the pebble dashing may be covering up a badly constructed wall and you will need to confirm that it is safe before proceeding with any pebble dash removal.

In the 1930’s many houses were pebble dashed to that cheaper bricks could be used. Pebble dashing was overused in post war housing and because of this it obtained a bad reputation. Pebble dashing was brought back after World War II as there was a lack of skilled bricklayers and pebble dashing was a good way of covering up poor brickwork. Any houses that were pebble dashed years after they were constructed were unlikely to have had this done to cover any faults in the brickwork but because the homeowner thought it was fashionable. During the 60’s and 70’s pebble dash salesmen would target residential areas in the same way that double glazing and solar panel salesmen do today. These salesmen would use marketing techniques that made homeowners feel if they didn’t buy then they would be left out.

Pebble dash removal can be a much easier task if the pebble dash was applied properly in the first place. If the mortar joints were raked out and the wall was wetted properly before the first render coat then it is probable that the pebble dash will be impossible to remove. If the original pebble dashing was done in warm weather and without care and without wetting down, then the pebble dash could come off a lot easier. Some pebble dash may have already come loose and you can check for this by tapping the wall and listening for a hollow sound.

There a lot of companies nowadays that specialise in pebble dash removal and before you hire any of these professionals you should get a few different quotes from different companies. Some companies may want to include the cost of rendering or application of a textured coating in the quote as exposed brickwork will not be able to be painted on directly. Some pebble dash removal companies will want to grind or sandblast the exposed brickwork, rake out the mortar joints and repaint. This process will leave you with a wonderful finish but will cost you thousands of pounds!

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Hire a Professional Pebble Dash Removal

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This article was published on 2012/09/27