Caring For Your Sunroom

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A sunroom is one of those special architectural features that appeal to people buying a house but sometimes completely baffle home owners.  If you’ve recently bought a house that contains a sunroom, you might not be sure what to do with it.  How much work will it take to maintain?  Are any special supplies needed to keep it clean and functioning?  What can this space be used for?

Taking Care of Your Sunroom

How much care a sunroom requires depends in large part on how large it is and what you choose to use it for.  A small sunroom that contains a couple chairs and a small table will require very little care aside from occasional sweeping and widow cleaning.  A large sunroom that contains many chairs, a bubbling fountain and selection of plants, or a reflecting pool is going to require considerably more care.

The basic needs of your sunroom can be addressed with general household cleaning materials.  A good broom is a must and so is a mop, if the floor of your sunroom is suitable for mopping; experts recommend that old wooden floors be treated with special wood cleaner instead of general purpose mopping solution.  Your preferred brand of glass cleaner and soft, lint-free rags will be sufficient to clean the windows.  A handheld rubber scraper or one mounted on a long handle will help you clean every corner of your windows.

A Sunroom’s Special Needs

Maintaining the infrastructure of a sunroom is best left to the experts.  The company that installed the sunroom or any of its components will be happy to repair or replace any damaged window, frame, or related element.  If your sunroom was an original part of an old house, you can still contact a local window company or sunroom installation business for general care and maintenance.  If you have specific concerns, call them or drop by their showroom.  They’ll be happy to help.

Caring for Specific Features

Sunrooms are noteworthy because they often contain special features not found indoors.  One of the sunroom’s traditional functions was to act as an indoor garden space, complete with live plants, fountains, gazing pools, and even trees.  If your sunroom contains tropical plants, orchids, or trees, then you’ll probably find it helpful to establish a relationship with a local tropical plant nursery or other plant care service agency.  Large cities typically have at least one such organization.  If you aren't able to locate one, contact a local garden club or botanical garden for specialty plant care resources.

Enjoying Your Indoor Garden

A clean, well-maintained sunroom isn't going to be put to its fullest use unless it's enjoyed by someone.  A sunroom lends the perfect atmosphere to reading; the natural light prevents eyestrain headaches and increases the legibility of printed text.  This bright, sunlight space is also ideal for creating artwork.  Artists throughout the ages have drawn inspiration from nature and your sunroom gives you wonderful access to the natural world.  With the addition of a comfortable chair and table, your sunroom is transformed into a breakfast nook or cozy corner that's just right for snacking.  Don't forget to extend an invitation to others.  The people you know will be thrilled to see what a modern sunroom is really like.

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Caring For Your Sunroom

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This article was published on 2012/11/26