Benefits of Rug padding

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Padding is a lot more different from backing. Backing is the way a Carpet is manufactured and prevents Carpet from sliding. cushioning not only prevents Carpet from sliding, it provides a cushioning effect which improves your Rug experience.Carpet Padding is important to keep the fibers of the Carpet in place. cushioning on places where the rate of footfall is high like staircases and at the entrances proves extremely useful for this reason. It is essential to reduce the amount of effort put in the task of walking.

What about comfort?

Rug cushioning totally changes the Carpet experience. Walking on a Carpet installed with padding makes one feel exceedingly light-footed. You won’t skid nor would you feel the flooring tough to stand on. It proves beneficial when installed under carpets where you need to stand for a long period of time. It is efficient in releasing pressure from under your feet which means you can feel more comfortable while cooking, dish washing or doing laundry.

Safety factor

Padding would not let the Carpet slip, would make it more comfortable and would guarantee safety too . Thick cushioning under your Rug functions as a shock absorber where kids are prone to get hurt. Hard floor surface such as stone, wood and tile may look lavish and easy to sustain but these are also potentially unsafe. In situations of adversity, these surfaces pose a high hazard in terms of safety. A well padded Rug can highly quash chances of getting hurt by slipping, bouncing or falling. 

Energy efficient

By And Large, people buy Rug for winters. Padding maintains a greater space between the floor and the Rug which keeps the Rug away from the cold floor. This will automatically keep the room feel warmer and give you a soothing experience. Both your efforts to keep the room warm and your expenses on energy will be saved and you would be able to enjoy the texture of the Rug better. And this means you’ve made your home more energy efficient.


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Benefits of Rug padding

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Benefits of Rug padding

This article was published on 2011/01/26